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2021-22 NBA Hoops Blaster Print Run Analysis


I look forward to the launch of NBA Hoops each year. It often signifies the start to a new season and has the best photography of any basketball card release. It’s highly unlikely that anythng packed out in NBA Hoops boxes is going to pay for your next car or buy you a house. But, you can pick up some good things without totally emptying your bank account. I think of it as one of the most satisfying products if your only intention is to collect good looking cards and enjoy the photography.

Yesterday, I saw a box break happening live on YouTube by Bratan’s Sports Cards. It was a 70 box Blaster break of 2021-22 NBA Hoops. I made note of it and thought I would go back in the coming days and count up the hits in order to make a print run estimate. Well, this morning, to my delight, I found a post by 90skid on Blowout Forums sharing the data from that break. Here’s a link to the original post. To 90skid, thank you so much for doing the hard work of collecting the data and for sharing it!

So, I decided to go ahead and crunch the numbers on that break to create an estimated print run. Note that this estimate only applies to cards coming out of Blaster boxes. Many of these cards are available in other formats as well. Here’s a quick overview of what cards are in the different retail formats.

Here is the summary of print run estimates for the base cards and insert cards and their parallels coming from Blaster boxes.

As you can imagine, there is nothing in NBA Hoops retail, aside from serial numbered parallels, that could be considered truly scarce. Of course, that doesn’t mean the cards aren’t worth owning. It likely just means you can pick up the cards and parallels you want with relative ease.

Til next time – Jeff